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Associate | Litigation Department

Ms. Ortiz has been a successful attorney for more than seventeen (17) years working primarily in the health insurance law field. Ms. Ortiz has dealt with a broad range of legislation, regulations, and issues pertaining to health care related institutions, managed care and government-sponsored programs. Ms. Ortiz served as the Legal Director of one of the major health insurance companies of Puerto Rico, working directly with legal matters related to Medicare and Medicaid Programs. More recently, Ms. Ortiz headed the Planning and Quality, and Customer Service Departments for the Puerto Rico Health Insurance Administration (“ASES” in its Spanish acronym), the agency that administers and monitors the Government Health Plan for the Medicaid Program in Puerto Rico.

The addition of Ms. Ortiz to our highly capable and committed team of professionals will enable CNR&D to continue to offer our clients innovative solutions to complex healthcare matters. Ms. Ortiz will provide consulting services in the implementation of corporate compliance programs and will develop policies and procedures for healthcare providers, offering support with annual risk assessment and training plans on regulatory matters. In addition, she will provide legal advice on technology agreements, HIPAA, PPACA, Medicare Shared Savings Program, Medicare Advantage Programs, including compliance with Part D requirements and implementation of Medicare Part D policies and procedures. Ms. Ortiz will also assist hospitals and medical institutions in achieving medical privileges and in the preparation of numerous contracts for the provision of medical services, including healthcare provider agreements.

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