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For the past two decades Cancio, Nadal, Rivera & Diaz, P.S.C. has been engaged in the legal counseling and representation of Puerto Rico’s principal educational institutions, providing the Firm with ample experience in this particular field.

The Educational Law Department has been consistently involved in legal matters pertaining to numerous educational issues and has actively participated in handling all legal aspects of the educational institutions’ functioning and operation.  This experience has allowed the Firm to develop a unique, specialed and highly proficient practice in the area.

The Educational Law Department offers legal services on matters such as:

  • Licensing and accreditation of educational institutions, including higher education institutions
  • Development, promulgation and enforcement of institutional policies, rules and regulations
  • Establishment and interpretation of teachers’ and students’ rights and privileges in accordance with the institution’s policies
  • Development and implementation of special grants
  • Compliance with applicable legislation

The Department has also been involved in legislative processes and lobbying efforts directed at the protection and enhancement of numerous educational organizations and their facilities.

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